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Postby Dahlia47 » Sat Aug 10, 2019 10:51 am

So, our daughter is graduating. I have decided to take a week or two after she graduates to hike a trail and do a bit of traveling. Not too long term, but I think a week or two would be nice. Ill be doing some soul searching and reassessing my future. I plan to quit my dog walking business and go work for a vet or animal sanctuary or rescue. It will be a big transition for my husband and I. My oldest has already graduated and doing his thing, and now our youngest is graduating and starting her life. WOW!
So, I am looking for hiking trails. I found a few, but not anything that screams out to me. I'll be towing the little travel trailer with me to stay in before and after the hiking. Hubby isn't as outdoorsy as I am, hopefully he will join me.
I am looking for hiking trails in the Texas, New Mexico, Southern Colorado, Utah and northern Arizona, as well as Nevada. ( I think I have just extended my trip! LOL)Hikes that will take at the least 4 days to hike. Ill be going in May 2020.
I am also looking at any preparations that need to be made. I grew up on a mountain. I know quite a bit. But I also know I don't know more quite a bit. This will be very new to me. I'm researching and planning. Exploring any and all options and suggestions. I am very excited!
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Re: Planning

Postby swoody126 » Sat Aug 10, 2019 2:26 pm

first thing that comes to mind is the CDT(Continenta Divide Trail)

then the CTF(the Colorado Trail)

either one of those 2 should fill your plate for the duration...

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