Mountain Pie, with altitude correction.

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Mountain Pie, with altitude correction.

Postby Weirdnerd » Mon Sep 27, 2010 11:46 am

This may work for you if you have an oven, ( I don't have a Dutch Oven, so I will not go there), I have a small RV gas oven on my 'drop, and it turned out good and yummy:

Mountain Pie!

Get some croissant dough, the one they sell on the grocery store, and some pie filling.( I like Cherry, but apricots or apple will work well too)

get two pieces per person, and spread them on a cookie sheet.

fill one piece with the pie filling

cover it up with the second piece, and press the edges with a fork, sort of a big ravioli.

bake it for the amount of time specified for the dough.

increase the oven temp 5 degrees Fahrenheit per 1000 feet of altitude over sea level, so it will not burn in the oven ( the batter/ dough will cook a little faster but that's good, because water will evaporate faster, if you leave it in the oven at the sea level temperature, it will be too crispy)

enjoy your " mountain pie"
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