OMG apple cobbler

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OMG apple cobbler

Postby bobhenry » Mon Feb 27, 2012 8:04 am

Was bored over the weekend and had a sweet tooth so I decided to make an apple cobbler.


Well there is a twist that made this a blow your socks off dessert.....

I dumped the apple pie filling into a well greased 8" deep cast iron chicken frier.
Dumped in a box yellow cake and 6 pats of butter on top. I realized I had no carbonated anything so short of running water :NC I had nothing to toss in.

AND THEN ...... I found some "Apple Pie" left over from the shivaree.

For those that missed drink recipe ,this is apple cider. apple juice white and brown sugars and ginger nutmeg clove and a generious helping of cinnamon.

I Put 8 oz plus or minus in a well I made in the dry cake mix and tossed it in the oven
at 400 F about 45 minutes then I turned it down to 350 and 15 minutes after that I turned to oven off and let it coast for an hour.

I am embarrased :oops: to admit but I single handed made the entire thing disappear in less than 8 hours. Hot out of the oven I made quick work of 2 heaping helpings. The extra spices and sugars made this an over the top dessert that you just have to try ! :thumbsup:
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