Thank you Mad Jack

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Thank you Mad Jack

Postby dmb90260 » Sun Nov 03, 2013 9:48 pm

i finally got around to trying Mad Jack's Etouffee.
Can I not say Nectar of the Gods loud enough.
Crawdads are hard to come by in LA. ( CA not La)
I found some spendy ones at Whole Foods but the kicker was Costco.
They had a 2# bag of langsotinos for $12@pound.
Okay, not cheap but this was for good eats. I bit.

It ate better than it looks\ Image

A very special thanks to Mad Jack


.it has been a while in coming and for that I apologize...this is the recipe that we based the etoufee' at Bistineau will feed 2 VERY hungry folks or 4 polite people with salad/bread/sides....

1-large onion
1-medium bell pepper
2,3-stalks of celery
2,3-pods of garlic
1-stick of butter
2,3-tablesoons of flour
2-cups of water
4-chicken bouillon cubes
1-batch green onion/shallots
1#-meat(peeled shrimp/crawfish.etc)
pepper to taste...I prefer a mix of pepper flavors for this(green/red/black/white)
a shot or two of tabasco(optional)
there should be enough salt in the bouillon cubes, making adding additional salt unnecessary
1-cup uncooked rice per 2 people

cook rice and set aside
in large pan, melt butter and saute' chopped onion/bell pepper/celery/garlic...add flour and stir well...add water slowly, stirring while adding...add bouillion cubes...add pepper and additional seasonings...simmer for an hour...this should make a fairly thick "gravy"(thicker than it was at the LCG) so add more flour if needed...add shrimp and simmer another 15 minutes(or so) add chopped green onions/shallots and serve over rice...mmm...mmm...mmm
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