Spam/rules for sales on this forum....

Have a teardrop or a trailer for sale? Need one? Post here...

Spam/rules for sales on this forum....

Postby madjack » Sun Sep 20, 2009 11:45 pm

*Spamming Sale Items, Products or Services*

Contact an Administrator
If you have any doubt related to sales issues and are not sure

Spamming explained as we see it.
While we welcome all to become members, we do not allow spamming ~
Joining the forum just to sell your items, stock or trailers is not allowed
and is considered spamming by the administration of this forum.
To be clear we will not allow continuous postings of items for
sale ~ that would be considered spamming and not allowed.

Exception to the rule of sales
You are basically allowed to post ONCE in the "For Sale" section, what it is
you have for that point, we request you put a link to a website or
a blurb ("Private Message me for details if you have questions") in your signature block ~
this encourages you to participate in the daily give and take of the forum
and every post you make will have an advertisement in it.

If you are willing to join in the daily give and take on the forum, you would
be welcome to put a link or blurb in your signature block...anything
else will be considered spamming and will be pulled.

These rules are not restricted, and
administration can change them at will ...

This forum is meant to be fun.
With your help, it can be!
...the administration!!!!!!!
...I have come to believe that, conflict resolution, through violence, is never acceptable.....................mj
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