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Re: It's Cold!

Postby Louisd75 » Tue Nov 19, 2019 5:05 pm

lfhoward wrote:I’m curious what strategy works best to keep warm...

- Ceiling vent cracked open a bit, windows closed all the way
- Ceiling vent closed, window (or both windows) cracked open a bit
- Ceiling vent cracked open a bit, one window cracked open slightly

The idea is to conserve heat, while allowing for fresh air (a fully closed up camper can kill you). Also, condensation can be an issue in the cold.

Which strategy do you employ? I know if I am plugged in at an RV park and can run my baseboard heater, I keep both the ceiling vent and a window slightly cracked open and it’s still nice and toasty. But I haven’t figured out what works best while boondocking.

We have a Propex in the raindrop. With the family in the trailer we sleep with the ceiling vent and both door windows open a few inches. We used the same method before the furnace, just used more blankets (wool blanket, down comforter). I made simple curtains for the door windows and vent, just two layers of cotton. It does slow down airflow a little bit, those ones are mostly to cut down on light and provide privacy. Our front windows are polycarbonate. Those ones get covered with same type of curtains that have a layer of Reflectix sewn into them for insulation. Our walls/floor/ceiling are all insulated with 3/4" rigid foam.
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Re: It's Cold!

Postby campbellinaz » Tue Nov 19, 2019 8:54 pm

There is a product out there that works awesome for this application. It has many names, K Flex, Armaflex to name a few. A google search of these will get you on the trail. I used to use to insulate older vehicles like Jeeps and classic cars etc. it’s a closed cell foam insulation that is typically black and comes in 3’x4’ sheets. It can be applied with simple contact adhesive (follow manufacturer recommendation) and is a very good at sound deadening as well as insulation and padding. It’s not the cheapest thing out there but I can tell you from experience it works awesome!

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