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RE House Bikes & Bike TD-TTTs by GeoFleet

Postby mezmo » Fri Mar 08, 2013 1:54 am

I had come across this story a good while back, but couldn't
recall the name/details enough [plus our computer (since replaced)
died taking a lot of my bookmarks] to really look it up and find what
I wanted/needed to make a post on...

So tonight, doing some random Google Imaging, I again came
across this item - - - three cheers for Serendipity ! ! ! - - -

This is the work of one of the general society's 'outsiders'. He built a "Housebike"
out of aluminum angles/tubing, bike - and various other vehicle - parts,
foam sheeting [foil covered and not], and duct or aluminum foil tapes etc..
His name is Brian Campbell, and he has built several of these, over time, per
the info provided. His efforts were embraced by the bicycle community in
Portland, OR , and they are the source for this documentation.

There are a lot of good pics here that let you see how he built his HPV [Human
Powered Vehicle] Housebikes, including some that show the deconstruction of one,
due to a breakdown that he had, and that he has since recovered from, that
inadvertantly gives a good deal of pictoral info on some of his building techniques/methods.
He has since gone on to build other HouseBikes and even an ~80 pound [from aluminum
extrusions and sheet foam et.,] BikeTD. He and others now have started GeoFleet
to further his work with these. [This info is a few years old, so I don't know if this is
still going on or not.]

This is a large long page with a lot of pics. Towards the end is his [non-aero] 4ftx4ftx8ft
rectangular BikeTD, as well as a couple of others by other builders and some vintage
pics of vintage efforts at BikeTDs:

Here are a couple other similar links: ... rance-2516 ... e-bike.htm

Here is someone else's take on a HouseBike/HouseTD, made of thin plywood,
evidently sticth-n-glued, that's been posted elsewhere here:

I just thought the info and techniques/methods might be usefull to someone
attempting their own BikeTD-TTT etc..

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Re: RE House Bikes & Bike TD-TTTs by GeoFleet

Postby razzer » Sun Mar 10, 2013 9:11 pm

Thanks for putting all this info in one place , I'm sure even people not interested in cycling would find Brian's story interesting .
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