Walmarts 8" Queen sized mattress................

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Re: Walmarts 8" Queen sized mattress................

Postby Hndbskt » Sun May 27, 2012 1:28 pm

Hndbskt wrote:Ended up getting a piece of thick foam from these guys:

Just picked up our new "LittleGuy" and got it home. We spent two nights camping on the way home (had one more planned but, it is SNOWING in Montana/Idaho this Memorial Day weekend). The high density foam we bought was just a little to long and wide (need to take a few inches off) but is was VERY :D comfortable, we were VERY cozy in our teardrop. Love the trailer, now we just need some better weather for our next outing.
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Re: Walmarts 8" Queen sized mattress................

Postby byrdz1 » Sun Jun 03, 2012 5:44 pm

I have a Sleep Number bed.
Now before you think I am a nut-job (even though I may be) let me tell you some things about them;
they weigh next to nothing
All of the fabric parts come off and can go in the washer (can you do that with foam?)
they do not lose air unless there is something wrong with them if they are not powered up (they do take 110 to manage, but I only have to do that once and a very great while, so far once in a year, and then to let air out)
it is really just a nice air mattress with more longevity than an air mattress (you can let the air out to make the bed and then blow it up again when you are finished)
you can find them on craigslist for not nearly as much as you think and then wash all of the parts that you might not like to share with someone
I spent 220 for mine.
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