Listings of all campsites in US and Canada, and more

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Listings of all campsites in US and Canada, and more

Postby daveesl77 » Tue May 05, 2015 8:33 am

A few people asked to have me post this list for campgrounds, camping locations and such.

Campground Location Information
While this may not be 100% of all campgrounds/locations, it is pretty darned complete. The link takes you to an area where you can download the files for geographic areas. These files contain all of the basic and some pretty detailed additional info on these locations such as lat/lon, # sites, amenities, phone#s and lots more. Files are made to be used by both GPS systems and computer software as well as phone apps.

RV Park Reviews - the title on this is a bit misleading, as this goes way, way beyond just RV parks, it includes a ton of reviews on all types of camping locations. I found the info to be pretty darned accurate too. However, the site is not the easiest to navigate. To use, click on a State. You can then zoom in with the map to find a location or scroll through the "city" list or use the search feature if you know a name. If using the map click, you don't actually get the review from the site, but instead get google reviews.

More info- here - this is kind of the central Federal point of reservable locations. In the past it was only for reserved sites, but it is now incorporating other opportunities.

National Forest/Nat'l Grassland locations - this map begins by showing all ranger districts. As with many Federal sites, getting to the camping stuff can be a bit of work, as these sites cater to all interests. Click on a location, then go to the district home page. You'll see on the left the "Recreation" menu. Click this to find info on camping. Now, in most, but not all Federal areas you can camp at no fee in non-developed fashion. HOWEVER, you MUST make certain the rules for the area allow you to do this and you MUST follow the rules for "dispersed camping".

Corps of Engineers - the COE campgrounds are essentially all on water. They are being turned over to private contractors to operate, which means restrictions and slightly higher costs, but they are still a heck of a lot cheaper than commercial locations and a lot nicer. It is hard to beat these locations.

Bureau of Land Management (BLM) - this is the not-so-hidden secrets of the west, BLM land. A very, very sizeable portion of the lands out west are public with the majority of these under the control of the BLM. BLM leases land, mineral rights and other stuff, but they also provide recreational opportunities. It has both developed (sort of) and undeveloped locations. It is really inexpensive and in many cases free. The website is very difficult to follow and you have to kind of know what you're looking for to get around it. In addition, different locations will have things posted differently, so be prepared to have an open mind when searching. BUT, you can find some of the most amazing, wonderful and inexpensive locations you can imagine. I'll provide 2 links for this. FIrst one is for the main BLM page, second one will be a sample on how to get camping info.

Main BLM page -

Example Utah Camping page - ... mping.html

National Park Service - I just link this to the main NPS page, they make it pretty easy to locate more information.

Free Campsites -This site does keep info fairly up to date. Also check out their RV dump station map if that applies.


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Re: Listings of all campsites in US and Canada, and more

Postby BobBash » Thu May 07, 2015 10:42 am

Dave , thanks a lot for this info . I'm in my 60's now & looking forward to getting out there & enjoying life more . This info sure improves my " hit & miss " searches on the internet .

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