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Postby gudmund » Sat Feb 09, 2019 11:24 am

have been using the same brand of cover "Mucubberley" just showed here and so far it seems to be doing great!!(even under the 10 inches of snow it has on it right now) The brand name is 'Classic Accessories' they have 3 sizes to choose from in their 'Polypro 3 Teardrop Trailer Cover' group of covers - the one I got is the 8 - 10 foot one (Model 2 #01-0897) and covers everything to include my tongue box, (my trailer is a Benroy shaped 5x8) it has 2 zippered opening's - one for the passage side door and the other for the rear hatch. The list $$ on this was $126 but was able to get it on Amazon for $70. On one of the other forum opening's on this subject, Tony Latham showed a pic of this same one I have now, along with stating he has been using it for years now..... hoping mine holds as well..........so far-so good157239 (only about 2 inches of the snow in this picture on 4Feb)157249up to 9 inches now in this one today..........
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