Disabled Teardrop Enthusiast Needs Help

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Disabled Teardrop Enthusiast Needs Help

Postby Phletch94 » Sat Sep 07, 2019 9:39 pm

Hi all, I’m Phletch, 44 and have a spinal cord injury. I’ve found that teardrops are so perfect because of the door width and ease of use for someone with my kind of disability. For obvious reasons, I cannot build one alone, so I’d like a little help from the community. I’m on a social security budget, but I am in the market for a used trailer or in information pertaining to finding an interesting way of building one.
Thanks for the time and consideration!

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Re: Disabled Teardrop Enthusiast Needs Help

Postby Squigie » Sun Sep 08, 2019 11:58 am

Where are you located? And how and where do you intend to use the trailer?
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Re: Disabled Teardrop Enthusiast Needs Help

Postby twisted lines » Sun Sep 08, 2019 1:28 pm

Squigie wrote:Where are you located?

I will second that!

No thanks to a texting driver my wife & I struggle with the same circumstances.
I am 6'6 and don't bend or twist & have a very light weight limit therefore my needs dont fit the standard TD due to the low access point in the back and a queen bed will be tight, so opted to make a square back 5+X10 trying to design the galley, I wish it was 11' :lol:
Your post is in the offroad construction; oregontrailer is close to home for me That is a style that appeals to me, but my problems leave me no interest in real off road, but I would like to stand behind one in person just to check the fit.
Idea of any special needs you have in mind and the area your in could be very helpful :thumbsup:

Gimpy as I am I may be some help if your close.
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Re: Disabled Teardrop Enthusiast Needs Help

Postby Bill n Robi » Sun Sep 08, 2019 6:43 pm

Don't know if you are looking for ideas but...

There was a guy at a campground that we met. He had a cargo trailer/toy hauler conversion. Had a power winch with a wifi connection, used his phone to lower the back end and roll up with his chair. Side door opened to a swing out kitchen, had everything he needed. I don't think it was custom built as he kept saying "I did this for x reason" and "this took research" so it was home built. I must say I was impressed at the improvisation.

I don't know if he did all the work but I don't believe he did it by his self. Might want to brain storm ideas with the good people here and work toward a solution that will work.
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