My Covid Sanity project

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My Covid Sanity project

Postby chelle3271 » Fri Jul 10, 2020 8:26 pm

Hi, all! :)

So, a year ago, I thought I'd have a mostly empty nest by now with three kids in college. But circumstances being what they are, I think I've instead become the dorm mom. I need an out! :lol: :wine: Since I'm a teacher, I plan on spending the rest of my summers anywhere but home...and maybe even get away a bit this fall if I really put forth the effort.

I started looking at buying a teardrop to pull behind my CR-V and stumbled across tnttt and I've been hooked! I know just enough about woodworking to get myself in trouble, and this seemed like the perfect kind of trouble. I started with the idea of building on my current 4x6 trailer that I use to transport kayaks, but decided I needed a bit more space, so I'm buying a 5x8 trailer from Tractor Supply and building it out to a 6x9. I have a friend who wants to go along with me if I can create two single beds, so I present to you: My Plans.

Since the trailer has side rails, I'm creating a "basement" that will be accessible from inside the trailer. The bonus is that the "basement" access inside the trailer will give me about 8-10 inches of extra depth between the beds--and since I'm only 5'2", I will "almost" be able to stand.

I was able to get four camper windows AND a door for only $80!! 8) They need all new seals and a fresh coat of paint, but are in all other ways in good shape. I may or may not choose to use the door. I'm playing with the idea of creating a large hatch that may or may not hinge at the top.

The galley ends up being just deep enough for storage (about 15in deep), but with a slide-out "counter" under one of the shelves. The plans you see here are just me playing around with ideas. I'm hoping to pick up the trailer next week and get started. Feel free to give me your thoughts!

Also...has anyone ever done an air conditioner on a slide-out? I'm thinking of putting that in the passenger side under the window...

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Re: My Covid Sanity project

Postby jjplumley » Thu Oct 29, 2020 10:10 am

Aw, c'mon, no one responded yet?

Well, first, welcome to TNTTT. And yes, it's addictive.

I think your plan sounds great. What's so great about designing and building your own is that it'll be made to fit your needs perfectly. And, it's rewarding too.

Regarding your design, have you checked what a 6' wide trailer looks like behind your CRV? Maybe test with a 6' wide cardboard or plywood on your existing trailer and see how it looks from your side rear-view mirrors. (Width has become an issue with a design I'm working now, so figured I'd mention it).

Regarding the A/C, I believe A-Liner's use a slide out for their A/C, if I remember correctly. If it works for them, should work for you. Maybe check one out at a show or an RV center for design details. Don't reinvent the wheel!
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Re: My Covid Sanity project

Postby Pmullen503 » Thu Oct 29, 2020 10:44 am

Welcome to TNTTT.

A couple comments: That center section of "the basement" may be more useful as additional ceiling height/floor space. You might want to mock that up to try it out to see which you prefer. Second, if you go with that large side door, I would encourage you to think about hinging it at the top. I have a large door on the back of my toy hauler and not only did it require a lot of structure to support it, but the wind catches it requiring it to be tied down. Not a huge issue but I plan to redo it to make it hinged at the top. Third, that looks like a pretty tight radius at the front. See if you can bend your roof to that curve if you are using wood construction.

You don't say if you are planning wood or foam construction but either way, spend some time on the construction details before you start building. It's frustrating to find you needed a "hard point" to mount something and forgot to add it when it was easy. (Don't ask me how I know!)
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Re: My Covid Sanity project

Postby saltydawg » Sun Nov 01, 2020 5:10 pm

First welcome. You should take a peak at IfHowards build if you want two beds. His is a rear door with a platform that can be taken apart for what he calls cargo mode. I think it would also work well if it was two beds one each side and the center section lifted to make a table. This would allow a few different setups, one large bed when its just you, two beds when a friend is along, and a table for 4. Using smaller side doors you could have slide out kitchen, Its how mine will be. Go look up the UEV490 and 440 for that it looks like, or fold up like he has setup. It would also allow you to make it a little narrower over all so it tows better as your crv is not very wide. Going from 6' from 5'6" may not seem like a lot for towing but it really is.

His build thread is below, start at page 24 if thats not where the link takes you for his interior setup.
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Re: My Covid Sanity project

Postby Shadow Catcher » Mon Nov 02, 2020 9:49 pm

Welcome to TNTTT
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We, a couple of years back done a Thumb trip. and often camp in Michigan (we live 4/10 of a mile south of the border).
One of my considerations with an AC unit is that I wanted to be able to leave it at home. The write up on how I did it is on TNTTT

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