Hi from frigid Alberta!

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Hi from frigid Alberta!

Postby Bretster » Sun Oct 18, 2020 9:04 am

Hi All,
I signed up about a month ago but haven't had a chance to introduce myself. I live in the Great White North, where the overnight temperatures are already -10C (15F). I am semi retired (just accepted a short term contract to work until Christmas) and plan on building my first tiny trailer next year. Probably a modified Benroy 5'x9' on an aluminum trailer frame. I need to keep the weight down since I will pull with a Subaru Forester non-turbo 2.5l. I am fairly handy with carpentry tools, but certainly not a pro. I picked up Tony Latham's guide to give me some ideas, and have been lurking on this site (and others). I am still in the research phase, gathering ideas and coming up with some of my own. For example, has anyone glued and/or screwed thicker diamond plate onto the outside of the side frames, forgoing a plywood layer? I suspect the issue would be staying water-proof as the aluminum expands and contracts. I am also amassing some of the tools which I will need, but do not already have. Here are the basic specs/ideas thus far (obviously subject to modification):

- 5'x8' aluminum trailer frame with 5'x9' floor footprint
- skeletonized ply for wall frames, either 3/4" or maybe even 1" since I would like to have the trailer well insulated for Canadian temperatures
- roof supports and rear hatch made using laminated ply rather than stick lumber
- floor using 3/8" ply on bottom, 1/4" ply on top and ripped 5/4 cedar planks for frame; will overhand trailer frame by 6" front and back
- top, bottom and sides insulated with xps
- pre-fab doors (two) if I can find for a reasonable cost in Canada (hopefully someone has already done this research for me); no additional windows
- not sure if I will need a fan or not in Canada, but will likely install anyhow in case I wonder down south
- might use MDO and paint for sides, aluminum for top, and bedliner paint under floor for water-tightness but this yet to be determined
- only 12v wiring, I can always run an extension cord for 120v
- galley set up for high efficiency cooler (not electric) and camp stove (likely Camp Chef Everest which I already have); no permanently mounted wash basin
- will purchase portable, hot water on demand unit for cleaning and showering, along with some sort of tent for privacy
- some sort of awning

That is the gist of it, I am sure I will change aspects of this as I go along.

I look forward to utilizing this forum over the next year or so while constructing a trailer, and hopefully I can return the favor down the road. I wish to express my appreciation, in advance, for the help I will illicit from those who have already gone through this process and are kind enough to help us newbies with our projects. This is the power of the internet! Twenty years ago I would have been doing this entire project on my own, doubtlessly making many more mistakes than I will make with the help of this wonderful resource.

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Re: Hi from frigid Alberta!

Postby tony.latham » Sun Oct 18, 2020 10:57 am


Thanks for the mention. The diamond plate isn't a bad idea. Sealing it to a skeleton core may be hit and miss though.

You might read my reponse this morning to a similar question over here:



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Re: Hi from frigid Alberta!

Postby Greg M » Sun Oct 18, 2020 11:39 am

Welcome aboard!
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