Newb from Iowa

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Newb from Iowa

Postby Ruddbow » Mon Dec 28, 2020 7:46 pm

Hello, I registered a couple years ago and finally making my first post. I have started (actually nearing completion of the refurbed pop up camper frame) I have used these type forums for many things; cars, motorcycles, hunting, fishing etc. I like so many other utilize the facebook forums as well. Love having the information readily available and help avoid making mistakes others already have gone through. Chances are I still will attempt to derail this project in one way shape or form. My question pertains to the search feature within this forum. For Example....I am building a squaredrop, but have came up short when searching for "squaredrop" Am i just not in the appropriate area when searching? Is there also a "parts list" to scroll through (like exterior LED RV Light strips, Drawer Slides, hardware, LP Tank holders, Roof Racks, Awnings etc.) Appreciate any input anyone may have. Thank you!
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