Hello from WI

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Hello from WI

Postby RatAssassin » Tue Jan 19, 2021 5:26 pm


Lifelong backpacker/paddler here with an enormous and spacial "over the top" pretentious 16 foot Travel Trailer that we use at our local state park when I'm busy working so I can spend a week out and still service my local clients.

Brought my son on and he's going to be taking over the "day to day", leaving me with some time. We like our KZ Coyote Lite 163, but need to downsize a little for trips which will mostly be in the winter. I sleep in snow caves.......my wife won't, but I have her now at least on a sleeping platform in the truck and a Eureka Northern Breeze screen house down to 35*

So, in order to satisfy my outdoors urge, stay on the fly, reduce weight and yet have the luxury of a small pull along, I will be selling my KZ (it's like brand new and I'm going to take a beating on it, longest trip it's gone at any one time is 16 miles) and getting a teardrop.

I have hand built kayaks/canoes and things for many years and do not have the time or space to build, as my business has taken all of my free space.
So I'll be buying one already built.

So I'm here.....looking......learning and hanging out.
Nice to meet you all. :)
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Re: Hello from WI

Postby TimC » Tue Jan 19, 2021 6:12 pm

Welcome from a fellow cheesehead.

There are several manufacturers in Wisco that you probably have already found. Basic ones like TC Teardrops and top of the line like CampInn. If you have the cash look at CampInn. I've toured their plant twice (Necedah) and I am very impressed with the quality. They are very accommodating to potential buyers when it comes to touring the plant and custom designing everything that goes into their models. They are beginning to manufacture a basic model now though I don't know much about it or what its price is. I'm a DIYer so wouldn't shell out that kind of money, though if I had the money I would pick them or Vestibule (Twin Cities).

Good luck and have fun choosing. You won't regret the time spent.

Niagara, WI
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