Saying Hello... Looking for advice!

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Saying Hello... Looking for advice!

Postby Nikson » Fri Feb 05, 2021 10:58 pm

Hope to be helpful in the future, sharing my build online as well,

While prototyping the build, I'm considering going all ply (walls/floor/ceiling), as I'm hoping to figure out where I like to position all things such as lights, cabinetry, windows, etc.

I really like the way guy from Alberta, Canada did his trailers (Mission Overland) and always wanted to build a similar shape on the back of a truck.
If anyone for reference wants to look at Maltec Trucks (I think they are from South America somewhere).

Wife and I been camping mainly with just the Jeep and roof top tent, but I think we are ready for something more comfortable and like the idea of "base camp" and having the vehicle available to move around.

in any case - thanks to all who have shared their experience here, its always helpful to anyone starting.

One question thats bothering me currently in research - what is the exact name and a possible source(s) for that material used in camper shells like ones in Mission Overland trailers, seems like its either fiberglass or aluminum outer layer, than foam some sort inside as insulation, with another layer of either aluminum or fiberglass on the inside!!!

Much appreciate the input!

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