National Warbird Museum Geneseo

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National Warbird Museum Geneseo

Postby Tom&Shelly » Sun Jul 25, 2021 10:26 am

Separated this out since it may be of interest to only a few: While we were camping in Western NY state we went to see the National Warbird Museum at! the Geneseo airport:

166566 166565 166564

166563 166562 166561

166560 166559 166558

The "Memphis Belle", used in the movie (not the original) happened to be there temporarily, so we were able to crawl through it. I tried to climb in the hatch shown in the front, the way the pilots, bombardier, and navigator did, but wasn't able to get my legs up high enough, so had to go in the hatch further back and climb through the bomb bay. I'll blame my advanced age--sure General Lemay could do it, but he was a 35 year old general, at the time.

I was impressed with the poor field of view of the gunners--must have been hard to track a Messerschmidt, aim (with windage) and shoot at the speed they were diving past.

Reminds me of the story of the B-17 pilot listening to the radio while he watched a Lockheed P-38 followed in a dive by an ME-109, which in turn was followed by a North American P-51. The P-38 pilot announced: "Look to Lockheed for Leadership" (a company slogan at the time).

The museum is not open on Monday or Tuesday (we failed to note this the first time).

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