Cheapest new e-bike! $300!

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Cheapest new e-bike! $300!

Postby gyroguy » Tue Dec 02, 2008 11:27 am

The 26" Mongoose Cruiser Electric Comfort Bicycle is probably the cheapest e-bike at $299.46 at Walmart. I got one for the 6-mile one-way trip to the grocery store, and back. Shipping is free if you order it from a local Walmart store.

Here's my take.

This is a cheap electric bike at $300. A hub motor with controller costs more, then you have to buy the batteries AND a bike. The total can be $700 to $3,000 for a lighter, fancier e-bike with hub motor and lithium batteries. For half the price, I got a solid bike with fair range and power. I can put it in the back of the pickup truck and tow my Crocodile Tear.

If I let the electric motor do all the work, mine goes 10 miles at speeds up to 17MPH (when battery is newly recharged). I ride and pedal about 11 mph as on a normal bike or use the electric motor to help get up hills. Normal pedaling extends the range by using the battery only as a booster.

A detachable sealed lead acid rechargeable battery powers the bike. It doesn't leak acid when the bike is on its side. The battery fits just behind the seat post, in front of the back wheel. It weighs 20 lbs and is actually two 12-volt batteries in series to get 24 volts. The rechargeable battery has a life span of between 200 to 300 charges.

The Currie Technologies drive system mounts the motor above the axle on the left side of the bike, driving a sprocket on the left side of the rear hub. There are 7 sprockets on the right side of the rear hub for your 7-speed Shimano rear derailleur.

Riding the e-bike

Riding the e-bike is halfway between riding a regular bike and a very, very anemic 50cc motorcycle. Get on the bike first, then turn the battery on. A twist of the throttle, and the bike moves out on its own. It's not doing wheelies or burning rubber, but that doesn't happen when I pedal a bike either.

I typically pedal about 10-11 mph on this heavy bike. So I go about 3 times faster than walking. I get an immediate boost in speed when I use the motor. This makes a big difference on hills. I can hold the throttle at one position to keep the speed steady.

FYI, I got this because I'm recovering from a heart attack and have started riding a bike for exercise. This one will get me home after I've pedaled as far as I'm going to get.

You can see the bike picture at ... 15X215.jpg

Features & Specifications (This is advertising info)[These are my comments]

Real transportation for pennies per charge! This Comfort Series electric bicycle has a unisex low-standover-height design with suspension fork and removable battery box. It reaches a top speed of 15 MPH with a range of 18 to 25 miles with normal pedaling. For young adult to adult up to 240 lbs.

* 450W of power from a DC earth magnet Motor [with brushes]
* Plug and Play battery box design with easy-access charger port [20-lb battery can be removed for charging]
* UL-listed Currie Smart Charger with 1-color LED status display [recharge time 5-8 hrs]
* Top speed: 15 mph (rider weight and terrain contingent) [17 mph briefly!]
* Range: up to 25 miles with normal pedaling [Try half of this!]
* Alloy linear pull brakes
* 26-inch alloy rims
* High-rise handlebars with adjustable rise stem and Krayton grips
* 4 color LED charge level gage [on twist grip on right side of handlebar]
* Front dual shock
* Shimano 7-speed gearing with twist throttle [on left side of handlebar]
* Comfort design saddle with alloy Post
* Aluminum comfort frame, unisex [designed for riders 5'6" and above]
* Alloy cotterless crankset and custom chainring with dual sided pedals
* Total weight: 90 lbs [Mine weighs 75 lbs--a HEAVY bike! Weight is due to * 20-lb battery, motor, and heavier bike frame]
* Shipping Weight (in pounds): 62.0 [Mine is 75 lbs]
* Product in Inches (L x W x H): 52.0 x 16.0 x 42.0
* Origin of Components: USA and/or Imported [Mine says China, surprise, surprise]
* Wal-Mart No. 000764906

Sorry for long post, but wanted to get it all in one post. :thumbsup:
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Postby GPW » Wed Dec 03, 2008 8:01 am

Gyro, sounds really affordable for us old guys... just having an assist is nice while exercising/running errands...A simple battery swap to the new technology should extend the range and lose some weight... 8)
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Postby the pvc bike guy » Fri Jun 26, 2009 5:19 pm

you might be better getting a E-Wheel off of E-Bay. Wal*mart sell so low due to thy are junk motor freeze up grip breaks cable go bad batteries are hard to find. that is not including dropping the bike by mistake good luck with you bicycle. :BE
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Postby nikwax » Sun Oct 18, 2009 10:53 am

does WalMart sell a replacement battery, and if so for how much? 300 charge cycles isn't very many cycles.
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