Anyone build a motorized BMX lately? Any Advice appreciated

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Anyone build a motorized BMX lately? Any Advice appreciated

Postby grizz » Sat Feb 22, 2014 1:13 pm

I am never sure if I should apologize for the stuff I dig out or tell you guys about the silly grin it puts on my face.

Pulled this out of a skip a few months ago. No other parts, so no pull string or safety cover etc.

Today I had some time to clean up the garage and thought I would see if a trick I saw about 25 years ago when my cousin used to start his lawnmower that was missing its pull cord, with a socket and a power drill.

Found the right size bolt, ground it roughly triangular so it would not slip in the chuck, and did exactly what you see in the video clip below.


Now playing around with the idea of seeing if I can find a free BMX bike to attach it to.

Not sure if it really has the power to pull anything but a 6 week old monkey about, but should be more noisy than cardboard in the spokes (remember that??)

Video link below.

Any advice appreciated.

And yes, I know putting it back in the skip is the best advice, but where would the fun be in that??

Next up..... Chainsaw bike??

Going back to the garage to finish the guitar floor lamp now.

Some of my other Skip or Tip Treasures in this thread: ... ed-22-2014

Sometimes old stuff can be a lot more fun.
Greetings from England.


Hoping to get it all done in time.
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