What type Side/dressing tent for your teardrop?

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Re: What type Side/dressing tent for your teardrop?

Postby Java Jack » Thu Mar 19, 2015 10:03 am

GerryS wrote:Looks like we have two threads on this... The problem isn't weight inside..it's weight outside...does rain pool and stretch the roof. The price isn't bad here, may try it anyway and see if I can customize a solution.

This looks good.

I see you are not extending the leg by the fender...it looked like you were resting the foot on the fender. Are the leg lengths that adjustable, or, did you have to trim?

Besides water on the roof....level ground has been the second Achilles heel of every side tent I've looked at...

Yep, I had posted the other thread in the general section then saw this one after reading through other posts.

I don't think the rain will pool as the roof is taught and pretty sloped. My comment was about the shower bag is that it is that the tent poles are pretty strong if they are able to hold 40lbs of water in a bag. Whether 40lbs on the out side or inside, it still has to support the weight.

As for the poles, no trimming required. They were telescoping poles (so to speak) and the mid point was perfectly aligned with the fenders. I have not yet camped on enough different terrain to say if I need to engineer up something here for uneven ground but I think we will be OK. We are going to make a fender shelf and drill a notch in it for the pole to sit in so it does not slide around.

If you do order, use discount code "cs20" and you will get 20% off. Makes the price $88 They sent me that code and said I could give it out.
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Re: What type Side/dressing tent for your teardrop?

Postby GerryS » Fri May 15, 2015 1:29 pm

Nice tents. We just set ours up for the first time. Thumbs up
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