Members advise Manuals, Products, Tools & Iron for Cooks

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Members advise Manuals, Products, Tools & Iron for Cooks

Postby sdtripper2 » Wed May 30, 2007 3:26 pm

Manuals, Products, Tools & Iron for camp cooking

<img align="left" src="">Much information oh Dutch Ovens (DO's) and worth a look see.
Many persons on this forum have given best practices and their
ideas for cooking tools that you might like to read about here.

Hope this information all in one place helps new and old members alike
who like to cook?

Steve Tripp

BBQ & DO cooking websites & forums:

Camp-Cook Forum (Joanne's website)
Campfire Café
Road food
RV.Net’s Camp Cooks and Connoisseurs Forum & recipe archive ... ntents.htm
The Art of Camp Dutch oven Cooking Forum (Matt3 busy forum)
Mark's Black Pot - Dutch Oven Cooking

The National Barbecue News
Tools related to DO's


How To Use A Chimney Starter

Low-cost BBQ tricks

Charcoal starter tip (tk)


Dutch Oven websites and store locations:
Lodge Mfg Tour once a year and Outlet store 7 days a week: ... 476#236476

More outlets and stores ... let_store/ ... h_oven.htm

~ Dutch Oven Starter Information ~

Choosing your first Dutch Oven ~ ... g_sjbj.htm

Dutch Oven for Dummies (pdf file) ... 0VOL.4.pdf

Dutch Oven Tips ~ Cleaning ~ Rust ~ Check off list ~ * ... otips.html

Dutch Oven Cooking
Scouting Resource online

# coals=Degrees and cooking times for Dutch Oven cooks
*Many charts here for the heat distribution of coals for Dutch ovens*

Charcoal Calculator for 8" through 22" Dutch Ovens @ various Temperatures

Dutch Oven discussions of quality:

Harbor Freight
Texsport Iron?

Dutch Oven discussions of Cleaning, Seasoning/Curing & Storing Cleaning
Rocky’s way
Discussion of Curing
Much discussion on seasoning

Dutch Oven Gatherings (DOGS)

Dutch Ovens (What size is right for you)

Dutch Oven "Cooking Table" discussions

Free RV Cookbook and more free downloads (PaulC)

Dutch Oven GURU (Ma3tt)'s massive Iron stockpile ~ an awesome show of potential cooking force~


Other Tools

Campfire Cooking Gear

Cannon for cooking Turkeys

Chili Grill (subtearanean)

The Fire Pie Trail Store
Camp Grills, BBQ's, Baskets, Stoves and more

Dog & Brat Cooker

Lehmans tools

Rome Industries, Inc. tools

Coffee Roaster home made (home roast)

Margarita machine & more ... achine.htm

Turn the crank Ice Cream maker

Mega Ice Cream Ball-Select Color

Propane Torch like Ma3tt uses ... 793#164793

La Caja China Roasting box

Belgian Waffler Cast Aluminum

Lehman’s Round Cast Iron Waffle Iron

Weber Bullet Smoker

Solar Cooker
Phoenix Turbine Builders Club ... ptbc36.htm

Products members have recommended

French Market Coffee’s (MadJack)
French Market Coffee and Chicory makes a great cup of coffee
cafe'au lait or espresso *Strong Coffee*
(Sonetpro) Recommends a normal blend from the French Market
French Market French Roast Pure Coffee is a fine blend

Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee (Kurt (Indiana))

King Arthur self rising Flour (pbb)

Oven Ideas:

Reflector oven

Fox Hill Camping Ovens

Portable camping grill

Road Kill Griddle

Stove ideas:

Sierra Zip Wood burning Camp Stove
Spenton WoodGas Camp Stove
Solar charger for stove

Solar cooking

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Postby martha24 » Wed May 30, 2007 9:16 pm

Steve you did a fantastic job :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause:
Thanks so much.
Anyone looking into choices for cooking, everything thing all in one thread. Can't ask for anything more.
Martha ;)
Martha ;)

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Postby Miriam C. » Fri Jun 01, 2007 7:04 am

Image How fantastic is this. You have certainly been busy.
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